Health and Welfare Fund

The Lucketts Bluegrass Foundation assists in raising funds to support extraordinary health expenses of band members in times of need. Due to its all-volunteer staff and limited financial resources, the foundation voted to coordinate the fundraising for its Health and Welfare Fund with the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Bluegrass Trust Fund 

You can donate directly to the Bluegrass Trust Fund or you can donate to the Lucketts Bluegrass Foundation, designating your gift for the “Health and Welfare Fund.”  The Foundation will forward your gift to the Bluegrass Trust Fund.

Additionally, when the need arises, the Lucketts Bluegrass Foundation may promote fund raising activities when a member of our close circle of Lucketts performers has an urgent need for assistance.  In these cases, we will forward your designated funds to an established fundraising effort for that musician, and if appropriate, submit a request for assistance to the Bluegrass Trust Fund.

Tax exempt contributions are accepted in cash at the shows or
in checks payable to:

Lucketts Bluegrass Foundation, Health and Welfare Fund
42361 Lucketts Road
Leesburg, VA 20176

Please let us know if you want your name posted on the website.

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  1. Nancy Lisi

    What a wonderful resource glad to see you’re doing things so much for the bluegrass musicians’ community!

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