Welcome to Lucketts Bluegrass

“It’s Saturday night at 7:00 o’clock at The Old Schoolhouse… It’s time for Bluegrass!”

Lucketts Bluegrass presents bluegrass music from local and nationally renowned bands on Saturday nights from October through April.



Upcoming Concerts


Audie Blaylock and Redline

Hard-driving bluegrass and beautifully sung ballads – this band does both equally well. A former Sunny Mountain Boy, Audie got his bluegrass chops with Jimmy Martin. His superb vocals are supported by the instrumental prowess of his young band members. You’ll enjoy Redline’s up-tempos numbers, and you’ll love the soulful harmonies on the ballads.

Show begins at 7:00


Dry Branch Fire Squad

Founded 40 years ago by Ron Thomason, Dry Branch Fire Squad is a genuine, old-time bluegrass band. Ron is as much known for his humorous social commentary as for his musicianship. The wit, song choices, and traditional sound of Dry Branch Fire Squad make it one of the most entertaining bands on the bluegrass circuit.

Show begins at 7:00