Welcome to Lucketts Bluegrass

“It’s Saturday night at 7:00 o’clock at The Old Schoolhouse… It’s time for Bluegrass!”

Lucketts Bluegrass presents bluegrass music from local and nationally renowned bands on Saturday nights from October through April.



Big Country Bluegrass

From the Crooked Road region of Virginia, Tommy and Teresa Sells stay true to their musical heritage. Big Country Bluegrass brings hard-driving, no-frills traditional bluegrass to their listeners. Long a favorite of Lucketts audiences, their recent success on the bluegrass charts has earned them new fans. Songs from two recent Rebel Records albums received a lot of airplay and are sure to be familiar to radio fans. If you like your bluegrass straight up, you will love this band.

Show begins at 7:00 PM


Trinity River Band

Family bands have been a staple of bluegrass and country music. One of the most successful family bands of our times is the Trinity River Band from northeast Florida. Originally known as the Harris Family, the band is made up of Dad Michael (Guitar), Mom Lisa (Bass), Daughter Sarah (Mandolin), Son Joshua (Banjo, Dobro), and Daughter Brianna (Fiddle). Many songs from their last three have reached the Bluegrass Today Top 20 charts. The Trinity River Band has developed a sound all their own, and Lucketts is proud to welcome them to their first visit on the old schoolhouse stage.

Show begins at 7:00 PM